'Exploration' Retail Store
Vancouver International Airport

Client's need:
To renovate an existing store to accommodate a new use as a science and technology store.

Design challenge:
Create a new, interactive retail facility using as many of the existing conditions as possible, suitable for the new merchandising theme of the Exploration store.

Design Solution:
To meet these challenges, the design team developed a solution that:

  • maintained and refurbished as much of the existing fixturing as possible to suit the new merchandise
  • selection of new materials to reflect the science and technology of the merchandise
  • incorporation of supporting images above the display units
  • New signage was designed to highlight the science and technology nature of the store
  • upgrading the lighting to better highlight the merchandise as well as creating a specially lit display case for glow in the dark merchandise.

HMS Host

Design Team:
HMS Host
DH Designs

Lighting Design:
Galina Zbrizher

General Contractor:
Heron Construction & Millwork Ltd.

Michael Carpenter Photography

Exterior View
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Exterior View

Interior View

Display Detail